Mikes Computers News!

To all my friends & Customers;

First of all I would like to thank all of you for your trust and business, more importantly your friendship.

Going on 18 years, Mikes Computers has given computer care for several business, schools and homes. It has been my honor to service the Denver Metro Area. My success has been due to God, sobriety, honesty & trust. I hope I have given good personal service to all my family, friends & customers!

As most of you know, the last 6 yrs. for me and Mikes Computers have been a real challenge due to my medical problems, plus my Mom has been very ill also, she has almost died several times during this period. So I have been taking care of her, as she also takes care of me!  I lost my sister to cancer during this time frame plus my best friend Ronnie, then his brother, then his mother! So it’s been tough 6 yrs. Not counting the other family and friends I have lost during this period.  My physical abilities have dwindled, (I have prepared for that) what I have not prepared for is my memory?

That is my main problem right now, my breathing is rougher and my pain level is out the door most of the time, but not being able to remember short term stuff is really effecting me and my ability to function as a human let alone a computer Tech?

So starting in May, Mikes Computers will start closing, I have lots of parts and spare computers I need to put together and sell. I do plan on having a massive Computer Parts Garage Sale this summer.

Now I am not closing completely, but what I have to do is slow down and simplify my life. I love fixing & building computers, plus the people I have meant have been just awesome! I love People, You my customers have been great! God blessed me with the best customers on the planet.  He blessed me with the ability to fix and build computers this also includes Macs and other devices. I have really surprised myself with this ability. Thank You God!!!

So, the next few months that is what I will be doing is cleaning and getting rid of a lot of my stuff. I have 17 yrs. of computer parts to deal with. I don’t want my family to have to deal with it when I am gone? So if you are interested in parts or no someone who might be? I will give a hell of a deal to a guy like me starting out in the business!


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