How to create a Windows 8 shutdown tile

Tired of going through a 3 part process to turn off  Win 8? Well here is  a shortcut that would minimize the hassles of mousing and clicking through the Settings menu to reach the shutdown option. And then I plumb forgot!

1. It starts, ironically, in Desktop mode, which you can reach by clicking/tapping the Desktop tile or pressing Win-D (that’s the Windows key and the letter D).

2. Right-click in any open spot on the desktop, then choose New, Shortcut.

3. We’re going to make a Shutdown shortcut, so in the location field, type shutdown /p and then click Next.

4. Choose a different name for the shortcut if you want, or leave it as “shutdown,” then click Finish.

5. Right-click the new shortcut and choose Pin to Start.

Presto! You’re done. The next time you return to the Start screen (aka Metro), you should see a Shutdown tile. One click or tap and your machine should immediately shut down.

You can also use this method to create a reboot tile. Just substitute the following text in step 3: shutdown /r /t 0. (That’s a zero at the end, and you shouldn’t include the period after it.)

Note that using the reboot tile will immediately reboot Windows, with no second-chance warning.

Note to Microsoft: While you’re figuring out this whole Windows Blue thing, why not add a shutdown tile to the Start screen instead of forcing users to do it manually? I mean, seriously, what possible reason could you have for excluding it?

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